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Ringlock is a modular scaffold system which can provide major savings in labor costs while meeting the demands for safety, ease of handling and reductions in maintenance.
Ringlock scaffold has the following features:
Quick erection: Ringlock scaffold are all pre-measured and just a hammer is required when erection.
Versatility: The revolutionary node point- rosette provides up to 8 connections in one plane, allowing the system scaffold highly adaptable for straight as well as curved structures, such as ship yards, power generation stations, petrochemical plants.
Low maintenance: The dip galvanized finish will greatly last the life of the products, no paint required, no more rust or corrosion, even they can be stored externally.
Safety: The reliable wedge connections prevent ledgers and diagonal braces from any kind of loosening, The rigid, right fit of all connections with concentric derivation of loads guarantees safety even at great heights.
Reasonable customer requirement is acceptable .


Ringlock Standard

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSRS 050 0.5 Meter Ringlock Standard 0.5M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRS 100 1.0 Meter Ringlock Standard 1.0M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRS 150 1.5 Meter Ringlock Standard 1.5M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRS 200 2.0 Meter Ringlock Standard 2.0M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRS 250 2.5 Meter Ringlock Standard 2.5M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRS 300 3.0 Meter Ringlock Standard 3.0M Hot-dip Galvanize

Ringlock Ledger

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSRL 024 2'4" Ringlock Ledger 2'4"(711.2) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRL 033 3'3" Ringlock Ledger 3'3"(990.6) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRL 070 7' Ringlock Ledger 7'(2133.6) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRL 080 8' Ringlock Ledger 8'(2438.4) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRL 086 8'6" Ringlock Ledger 8'6"(2590.8) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRL 100 10' Ringlock Ledger 10'(3048) Hot-dip Galvanize

Ringlock Diagonal Brace 

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSRB 52 5'X2M Ringlock Diagonal Brace 5' Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRB 72 7'X2M Ringlock Diagonal Brace 7' Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRB 82 8'X2M Ringlock Diagonal Brace 8' Hot-dip Galvanize

Ringlock Board Bracket

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSRBB 040 0.40M Ringlock Board Bracket 0.40M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRBB 065 0.65M Ringlock Board Bracket 0.65M Hot-dip Galvanize
RSRBB 088 0.88M Ringlock Board Bracket 0.88M Hot-dip Galvanize

Ringlock Steel Plank

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSSP 024 2'4" Ringlock Steel Plank 2'4"(711.2) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSP 033 3'3" Ringlock Steel Plank 3'3"(990.6) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSP 070 7' Ringlock Steel Plank 7'(2133.6) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSP 080 8' Ringlock Steel Plank 8'(2438.4) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSP 086 8'6" Ringlock Steel Plank 8'6"(2590.8) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSP 100 10' Ringlock Steel Plank 10'(3048) Hot-dip Galvanize

Ringlock Steel Ladder 

ITEM NO. Description L Remarks
RSSL 030 3' Ringlock Steel Ladder 3'(914.4) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSL 050 5' Ringlock Steel Ladder 5'(1524) Hot-dip Galvanize
RSSL 100 10' Ringlock Steel Ladder 10'(3048) Hot-dip Galvanize